• 100% Organic ingredients
  • 100% Whole grain
  • No preservatives
  • High fiber
  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • Low sodium
Only at Greenwood's . . .

Take a loaf home with you!

Now Available to take home:
Peter's hand-crafted "Piece of Nature" bread!

If you've been to Europe, and most certainly to Germany, you know that baking bread is a fine art well beyond the standards of typically manufactured bread in America.

100% Organic Ingredients!
For Chef Peter Gruenewald, growing up in Germany meant fresh-baked bread weekly from his father's oven. "We never missed out on dessert, cakes and especially, bread," Peter recalls. The bread his father baked was renowned in his hometown and sold locally to others who appreciated fine bread. The recipe was developed by Peter's father and handed down to him as he baked for his own family.

Fast forward to 2011 in Fort Worth Texas. Greenwood's German and European Restaurant has had five years of critical acclaim both as a culinary standout and a well-run business. Enter Bart Desenter, Belgian national champion bodybuilder and fitness instructor, who like Peter recalls the excellent bread of Europe from his childhood. A regular at Greenwoods for the European cuisine, Desenter asked, "Where do you get your bread?"

The answer was simple: Peter's family recipe, handed down from his father, fresh-baked at home just as his father did. And just as locals in Peter's father's hometown did, Desenter asked if perhaps he could buy the bread. Because you simply can't find this type of hand-crafted European bread on this side of the Atlantic.

Until now.

100% Organic Ingredients!
Today bread from Peter's father's recipe is now available at Greenwood's German and European Restaurant. Still hand-crafted, with all-vegan (no dairy or fat)  whole-grain ingredients, no preservatives, made fresh for you to take home.